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Informatics and Society

Published onApr 02, 2019
Informatics and Society

It is obvious that computer technology has become an agent of change in society. We look at this not as a situation of one-way influence (in either direction), but as a constant interplay where the directions society and technology take are implicitly negotiated on an ongoing basis.

From this position, we introduce aspects of this interaction into some of the »thinking«-chapters. For example, we discuss the current push for programming to be part of general education in computational thinking; we cover the continuous push for societal responsibility of designers in design thinking. Some chapters like responsible thinking or critical thinking use examples from informatics and society to demonstrate positions and concepts.

One of the most important vehicles to talk about informatics and society is the best and worst of informatics-format. We use the suggested entries, especially those for »worst« of informatics, to unravel the socio-technical dynamics that evolved around the involved technologies and companies, and to exemplify critical reflection and multi-perspective views.


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