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Economical Thinking

Published onApr 02, 2019
Economical Thinking

Startups have become the de-facto role model for the post-academic career of many students. There is a whole study program focussed on economical thinking at TU Wien: business informatics (BSc and MSc). Our focus in this chapter is not so much on introducing theories, core concepts and approaches of business informatics, but on initiating a critical discussion of the ideals and preconceptions students project on the IT industry, and on the influence the enormous economic potential of informatics has on research.

We cover concepts and buzzwords like efficiency, innovation, intellectual property and disruption, and strive to show them from multiple, sometimes conflicting perspectives. A discussion of the current dynamics of automation and AI is used to exemplify these positions. We point out that a lot of current research in some areas is being commercialized to the point where science is not happening in the public anymore.

Calls for discussion

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